At the legitimately least you need a dehumidifier

If you are harsh about books, then you need to suppose about more than how they look on a shelf.

I assume that not most people cares about books and comics the way I do, although I love them.

I have been collecting them for years, and even converted our garage into a secure learning room where they could get the consistent air quality they needed. If you want to buy a book, study it, and pass it on, then god bless you for that. For myself and others I study a book, and then put it carefully on a shelf in the learning room to preserve it. The highest quality of Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit has been set up particular ly for that room, just to keep the temp and humidity levels even so the books consistently stay in the best possible condition, but just because you are harsh about books doesn’t mean that you are rich, however that’s okay because you don’t need a dedicated Heating, Ventilation and A/C system just for 1 room. If you can afford a few thoUSAnd bucks, then go for it, however you can accomplish the same goals with a high quality media air cleaner and dehumidifier. Books are much more forgiving when it comes to temperature as opposed to humidity. Humidity is the enemy of books, so at the legitimately least get a dehumidifier for the room, and if you have enough books, then get many dehumidifiers. I would also get yourself a smart thermostat that can monitor the humidity levels of the room, and it will save you a whole lot of worry.

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