More focus on fitness as I grow older

When I was in my twenties, I didn’t need to pay any attention to the type or amount of food I ate.

I was conscientious about working out most days and devoted twenty to thirty minutes to physical activity.

Once I entered my thirties, I needed to be a little more careful about my diet and because of slight weight gain, I increased the length of my workouts to forty minutes. I also started to focus more on high intensity cardio and got interested in running. When I got into my mid forties, I cut all meat, fast food and processed food out of my diet. I reduced my portion sizes and became very strict with counting calories. My meals became mainly fruits and vegetables. My workouts became a daily priority and extended to an hour. I’m now in my mid-fifties and still keep myself very physically fit. I am not happy with some extra weight I’m carrying around my waist. I workout every single day for at least an hour. My training sessions always include at least 30 minutes of high intensity cardio. I sometimes go for an hour-long run or jump rope the whole time. I make sure that I am out of breath, soaked in sweat and get my heart rate elevated. I need to be dedicated to thoroughly warming up my muscles and joints at the start of the workout to avoid extreme soreness. I have definitely lost a bit of flexibility and strength over the years. I now struggle to manage more than ten pushups. However, my workouts now include more variety of strength training and are much more physically demanding. I have significantly improved my diet and am much better about drinking plenty of water.

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