My Mom never fixed anything around the house

Whenever I was growing up, my Mom never fixed anything around the house at all.

  • He just was not a single of those boys who ever l acquired how to service anything and so he would constantly pay someone else to do it.

I grew up thinking that that is how you got things fixed. I never entirely knew that you genuinely had the pick to service things yourself unless you were a professional. However, whenever I got married to my partner it was the exact opposite. When he was a kid, his Mom taught him to service all kinds of things around the house. When we moved in together, It was a totally weird story from what I was used to. If something were to tear up around the house, my partner immediately started to work on it himself. He refused to pay anyone else to service anything for him. This included everything from the plumbing to the heating and air conditioner system. The last time our central air conditioner plan tore up on us, I was convinced that our entire a/c unit was going to have to be upgraded. I was ready to just call the local HVAC company and have them come out to service the air conditioner system, however then my partner showed up with his toolbox and got down to business. He diagnosed the air conditioner plan and by the time he was done, it was totally fixed. I couldn’t suppose it and now I’m entirely thrilled that my partner knows what he’s doing around the house!

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