The portable HVAC served its purpose

I didn’t know it, but apparently a lot of HVAC businesses actually rent out portable heating and cooling machines to people that need them. The rent price isn’t that bad either. I never thought that I would actually use the service, but one day when my air conditioner broke down, and it couldn’t be fixed by a HVAC worker, I remembered the portable A/C units. I decided to rent one for a couple of days while I waited for my main central HVAC system to be repaired. I took the portable HVAC component home and tried it. To my surprise it immediately started cooling my entire room, and within minutes the room was already feeling better. Although the portable cooling device was small, it definitely was powerful, and I could hardly tell a difference in the cooling quality compared to my main central air conditioner. I slept really well the nights that I had that portable A/C system. After that, the HVAC tech was able to come out and repair my central air conditioning and then I no longer needed the portable HVAC. The portable HVAC served its purpose, and so I returned it back to the A/C corporation. I was a bit sad to return it, and I honestly might buy a portable HVAC unit myself one day, after seeing how nice and efficient they are. It would serve as a backup in case anything happens to my main central A/C again. The same business I rented mine from actually sells this too.



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