Time for a Two Hour Siesta with Music

I love to take a nap with some quiet meditation songs in the background to drown out the noise on the streets. My street isn’t too loud but occasionally you can hear a scooter or motorcycle buzz by. This is why I love to run my central Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan too because it helps to silence the sounds from outside. I haven’t been sleeping so well lately so taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon is necessary to help propel me through the rest of the evening. I will try to scrub my HEPA filter this month because I looked at it yeahterday and it is caked with dust and I am sure a lot of that is getting into my lungs. I normally stay on top of the cleaning but without sleeping well the past few weeks I’ve been a bit on the lazy side. I labor each afternoon for the local corporation doing Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment cleaning and repairs and it is all I can do to labor there all afternoon. Maybe I will just see if an Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech at my labor would love to come and scrub my Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan for me. I don’t mind paying them to come do the labor for me when it needs to be done and when I am not feeling love doing it myself. The HEPA filter in my equipment is a washable type and I have an extra a single so it would be entirely easy to swap out the dirty a single with the scrub a single. I’ll get it done a single way or another.


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