Are you using the wrong HVAC filter?

A clean air filter is essential to the performance of your HVAC system.

When the wrong air filter is used, operational efficiency and indoor air quality are reduced.

Don’t accept higher energy costs or negative health effects. Take the time to ensure your HVAC unit has the correct parts to work properly. A bad air filter can negatively impact the performance of your HVAC system. Air filters clean the air that passes through your HVAC system before it enters your home. An air filter traps dust and irritants, like smoke, mold spores, pollen, dirt, pet dander and bacteria. You may not be able to trap these unwanted irritants if you’re using the wrong air filter, which will adversely affect the air quality in your home. If your air filter is clogged or the wrong fit or type, the HVAC unit must work harder to push air through. Running your unit more often increases your monthly energy costs and can shorten its lifespan. Filters are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, materials, and prices. There are four basic categories of air filters. Within each category, however, there are still variables. There are a variety of air filters available, including pleated, fiberglass, electrostatic, and HEPA. Investing in the right HVAC air filter will help you achieve the air quality and energy efficiency you desire in your home. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the recommended air filter. Also, a HVAC professional can tell you which type of air filter will work best for your HVAC system.


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