I know that I am ready for anything

I feel as though I have been reborn again after all of the bad things that came my way.

  • I was hit financially, emotionally and physically certainly hard over the past year or so timeframe and am just starting to shake it off.

I know the toughest thing about it all is accepting all of the bad luck that comes your way. I’ve talked about it before despite the fact that I still need to vent some as I don’t vent on stage anymore like I once did with the comedy, the Heating and A/C rep associate of mine keeps me going with his positive attitude and I hope that one day I can be like him and be happy again. The thing that hurt me the most was losing this new love that I met after losing my partner of more than five years, that one I still am having trouble accepting. Losing all my savings stung me too despite the fact that I can recoup it through working at the Heating and A/C business doing smart temperature control installs and programming, along with a lot of Heating and A/C equipment repairs and services. I know that doing standup comedy for 15 years put me more in touch with my feelings and also made me more sensitive to things that occur in my life as I look at them more under a magnifying glass than pretty much everyone. So anyway, this week I am going to clean my gas fireplace and get it ready for winter season and maybe one day I can stand and watch the fire with that romantic lover who I know I deserve in my life. I wish the same good luck to you too! See ya.

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