My sibling wanted to move in today

My sibling and her partner split up for the second time last week.

  • The first thing she did was call and ask if she could move in with me.

I loved our sibling, however I had enough living with her when every one of us were beach current home with our parents… She was a temperature control hog. She was constantly turning up the temperature control because she would cold, and then she would walk around in shorts and a skimpy tank top. I liked it cooler. I would rather wear a few more clothes than strip down to almost nothing, however before calling her back, I called our parents and asked if they could take her in. Mom and dad knew what she was like when every one of us lived at home. Mom said I should be a nice sibling, and let her come to our house. She was sure she would only be there a short time. If I was anxious about her using the temperature control and upping the temperature, I could regularly buy a lock box and put it over the temperature control. I told her thanks and hoped our sibling changed her mind and wanted to come to their house. Their Heating and A/C system was newer than mine, and more energy efficient. Mom chuckled, and I heard dad yell he loved me. I hung up on them. I shouldn’t have anxious so much about our sibling. True to mom’s prediction, our sibling didn’t even make it out of her beach current home before she was calling to tell myself and others she and her partner weren’t splitting up. I breathed a sigh of relief that our Heating and A/C system was safe, however I knew it was only a matter of time before I got another phone call.

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