Popped the Central Heating on for a Brief Period to Clear the Chill

I ran my central heating device for 30 minutes (ie $50) to take some chill out of the air in my flat.

But it doesn’t seem like the heat lasted for very long after it turned off.

Now it is cold again but I can’t run the heating because it is just way too expensive. Even if I have a roommate to help with the HVAC system expenses, it still costs too much to run on a regular basis. I figured it out to be about $3 an hour to run the unit, which is insane if you imagine running it all day and night to stay warm. If I ran the unit 10 hours a day, which is not out of the question on cold winter days like today, it would cost an extra $900 on top of my normal power bill of $100. So that means it would cost $1000 a month if you were to run the central HVAC’s heating unit all day and night to keep warm. If I literally ran the system 24 hours a day it would cost about $2500 a month extra, wow this is crazy stuff. So my solution is going to be more clothes in the flat and using the heating unit just an hour a day max. I guess the power companies have their reasons for raising the rates, but I hope that they find a way to lower them again so I can feel some warmth in this flat every now and then. The same will happen with the A/C in the summer, jeez.

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