I thought I learned the basics in HVAC school?

When I went to HVAC technical school, I thought they were teaching all the basics.

It’s kind of funny how missing one small class can make such a tremendous difference.

They take it for granted all of the HVAC students know how to change the air filters in an HVAC system. They also believe all of us recognize where the air filter goes. I knew none of this. No one ever taught me how to change out the air filter, let alone where it was located. I went to a task at the middle school and enjoyed talking to the HVAC service pro who was there from the local HVAC corporation. I wanted to find a task that would be sustainable long into the future. My Mother always preached task security, and I would have that with the HVAC corporation. Once I got into the HVAC technical program and started classes, I was realizing how much I didn’t know, and wondering if I was alone. I talked to some of the other students and found out I wasn’t alone in our feeling of ignorance. That didn’t mean that any of us were going to quit HVAC school, but it made us want to task even harder. We teamed up and started a study group. By the end of the HVAC courses, all of us vied for the top of the class designation. After taking the HVAC certification class and passing the exam with flying colors, I wasn’t ranked number one, even though I was number three, and our two best friends got number one, but each of us all got a locale with one of the local HVAC companies.

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