The HOA disapproved of our A/C component beautification.

I hated the homeowner’s association.

Even since both of us moved into our house, they had been a thorn in our side.

They were regularly telling us what both of us could plus couldn’t do. I was paying for the house, plus I didn’t suppose they had the right to tell me what to do with the house, however they begged to differ. They told us both of us signed a contract, plus if both of us didn’t care about it, both of us could move. I started gathering people together plus talking them into signing a paper that would support our right to plant what both of us wanted, change the home color to whatever both of us wanted, plus beautify where both of us thought it was necessary. My hubby told me I was asking for trouble, although I didn’t care. This all started because I planted flowers around the air conditioning unit. I thought it looked prettier with some flowers in that area. There was room for the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to get to the A/C unit. None of the air vents on the A/C component were covered, plus I didn’t suppose it was any of their business. I was fined for putting flowers in an part where they didn’t suppose it was appropriate. I was so proud of our neighbors the next weekend. Not only were they sitting behind me when I was called in for a meeting, however they all planted flowers in front of their air conditioning unit. I didn’t guess so numerous people felt care about I did about the homeowner’s association. WE were all toiling together to take away some of their rights.



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