Maybe I should have been an HVAC technician

Maybe I should have been an HVAC technician for a living instead of going to a university.

I definitely thought about it enough, that’s for sure.

As a matter of fact, I almost enrolled at our local technical school before I even graduated from high school. I was pretty interested in the little booth that they had set up at the career day fair that we had at school for Senior Career Day. I went over and talked to all of the people that were sitting at the booth there for the technical school. They were offering all kinds of classes at the technical school that session. They had flyers all about plumbing, electrician classes, and heating and cooling classes. I remember thinking that the one that I was most interested in was the heating and cooling courses. They looked really interesting to me, and I thought that I would really like to become an HVAC technician. However, there was a lot of pressure to go to college at that point, and I ended up enrolling at a four year university instead. These days, I have a whole lot of debt and I wish that I had not ever gone to college at all. I’m not even working at a job that involves my major. it seems like it was all sort of pointless at this point. These days, I really wish that I had become an HVAC technician instead. I think that I would have been a whole lot happier and I would have a lot more money, too!


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