Ductless heat pumps for the new office

When I finally went out on my own, I was not very interested in starting my company at home.

I got a first hand plus up-close-and-personal look at what toiling from the central air conditioner of the apartment building looked like during the pandemic.

And it wasn’t great, however, doing my job remotely instead of inside the zone controlled Heating plus Air Conditioning of the office building was just the push I needed to go out on my own. This was consistently the plan. I have never wanted to do anything except be my own boss. However, there is a stiff learning curve that one much endure to get good at what I do. And that learning curve happened in the venue of the commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning of a corporate office for nearly a dozen years. But once I was apartment during the pandemic, I knew it was time for me to move forward with my plans to go out on my own. I had the cash plus I had a small team. What I didn’t have was an office. And since cash was so tight, I decided to get the cheapest venue my pal and I could get. The office is in an old, weathered strip mall. It fits our needs as far as space plus price. But my pal Steve and I sure had to do something about the commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning which was quite awful. That led to us having the Heating plus Air Conditioning experts come out plus install a ductless multi split system for heating plus cooling. I’m feeling so gratified with the new ductless heat pumps. They do a wonderful task plus I’m super impressed with the high quality heating plus air we’re getting from this style of heating plus cooling equipment.


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