Author: Charlotte

Rich house radiant heated floor

I am being honest when I say that I grew up in poverty and have developed a lot of classist beliefs from my early years. I do not find wealth to be attractive or something to envy; instead I think that it is disgusting and counterproductive to society. When I meet someone and they reveal […]

Van heater

My adult life has been spent in bargain vehicles. I’ve always owned small sedans that I got for a deal from a geriatric seller or a family friend. I’ve never worried about car payments or filling up a large gas tank, but I also never had a very reliable travel option. That being said, I […]

Bad hotel heater

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling in my life, not to brag or anything. By that I mean that my trips are not brag-worthy at all. Frankly, my travels are not the same ones you’ll see strewn across instagram and other social media outlets, heralded as life changing experiences. I’m never lounging on some […]

Amazing hotel heater

If I’m being honest with you, I’m kind of a cheapskate. I really hate to spend money on anything, especially immaterial things that will never give me any return on my spending. That’s why I’m a stickler for eating at home or bringing my own food with instead of paying for expensive restaurants or shitty […]