Don’t forget to watch your HVAC

I try to cover all my bases all the time; sometimes too much.

Being prepared was how I was raised.

I worry about small things, but when it comes to issues around your house, nothing is small. Take heating and air conditioning, for example; I rely on HVAC to keep my family comfortable, so I try to keep our system in good shape by doing things like regularly changing the air filter. Our HVAC system is wonderful because I don’t have to worry about scheduling appointments. Our company comes out in the winter and spring, but I make sure that I’m keeping an eye on the Heating & Air Conditioning condensate – the moisture that comes from condensation in the equipment. Normally, that runs right out a drain line away from the apartment, so no problem. However, it’s smart to confirm the drain line is clear at least once or twice a year. A backup of this line could cause water damage wherever the HVAC is in the house. It’s a better safe than sorry situation, paying attention to this.

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