Waiting for new heating and air conditioning

Now, we are stuck in a holding pattern

Selling our house was not something I wanted to do. I made this clear from the start. But, we were in a hot real estate market, making it stupid not to sell it. Now that I’m living in a rented duplex with weak heating and cooling, I want my apartment back! What makes the whole thing harder to take is that our home was perfect when we sold it. In order to get top dollar, we made some major replacements to our home. Our HVAC system was replaced with the latest technology; extremely efficient with a high SEER rating. I was stunned by how much our heating and cooling costs diminished once the new machine was installed! It had a smart temperature control with zone-controlled heating and cooling, which meant five temperature zones, each with its own control! It was something! We put the new HVAC in before the kitchen work. So, I got to enjoy it for a while before the house sold. Now, we are stuck in a holding pattern. Getting rid of things was essential and our apartment has served this purpose. But, the lack of quality heating and cooling is motivating my wife and I to find our next place, with a system as good as what we had!


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