I didn’t take care of the air ducts

In this world today, life is harder than it should be. Didn’t we used to think that robots were going to take over the jobs people didn’t want to complete anymore, at some point? Where are our robot slaves to take some of the pressure off our lives? I’m certainly growing tired of trying to act like a human being, without the help of automated systems to make things better. This is one of the reasons I’m a firm believer air ducts should no longer exist – or they need to be cleaned and tested automatically as part of the HVAC system. I know, this sounds like a space age idea, but let me tell you what happens when you’re too busy for maintenance appointments, and you have expansive air ducts cobbled through your home – you get a huge mess! I l earned this the hard way when I let my system run wild. I never worried about the air conditioner or the forced-air furnace, and I certainly never considered the fact that air ducts are responsible for their full functionality – until it was too late. When I couldn’t stop my energy-efficient HVAC system from wasting all my money on high bills each month, and the temperatures were uneven in my home, I finally called a professional. They told me that my air ducts were filled with holes, and all the treated air was escaping out of the air channels. They were filled to the brim with dust and nasty debri! He was shocked that my heating and cooling worked at all. Now, I’m finally working on inventing the world’s first air duct roomba, to save everyone else from the struggle I endured.

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