Life is too complicated

When I was younger, I had everything figured out, or so I thought.

I went to a good college and married a great wife.

From that day, I figured I was living a success story. We had a few kids and I continued to climb the corporate ladder each day at work. My wife took care of our lovely home. I took care of the finances. Then, my wife decided she wanted a divorce. Everything ended one day. I was left alone in our costly home with an expensive HVAC system, and no one to share it with. The temperature control only worked for me, our large furnace ran each day according to my demands, and the air conditioner was wastefully pumping chilly air into a vacant home most of the time. During all of this, I completely lost track of my air quality control duties, because my wife had always been responsible for the service appointments. I didn’t even know whom to call on the morning I woke up to find the temperature control was completely busted. I searched online, and started dialing random numbers, but all of the HVAC providers were in distant cities. It seemed I was never going to be able to get my heating plan fixed! I decided, at that moment, I needed someone to handle the HVAC for me. Life was too complicated on my own. I got online and found a good HVAC company. Hastily, I signed up for a professional service schedule. Now, the technicians manage my HVAC for me. I never have to worry about repairs, and it’s a lot cheaper than a bad divorce!

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