The dentist demanded better energy management

I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. I never claim to be. When others are looking for advice or opinions on something, I shrug my shoulders and tell them I’m unqualified to offer any assistance. I don’t ever want people to think they should listen to what I have to say. This is one of the best reasons I thought nothing of it when my wife kept telling me I had horrible irritations. I assumed that she was accurate after seeing me cough, sneeze, and rub my face for a few months on end, over the changing of seasons. Surely, she knew the weather conditions and air quality were affecting my respiratory system. So, I proceeded through the weeks, ingesting OTC flu symptom medicine, waiting for my illnesses to clear up. Unfortunately, they never did. I coughed and sneezed my way through the frigid winter, before the warm, breezy spring air finally arrived. As soon as the temperature change happened, my breathing improved considerably. Alas, when the air conditioning was on, the sneezing returned. It took a professional respiratory specialist to diagnose the problem – not dust irritations, but the amount of debri floating in the HVAC ducts, air filter and air quality control equipment. When a local HVAC expert saw my horribly-neglected indoor air temperature control system, they were shocked I was still standing! Now, I have clean new HVAC ducts, brand new HEPA filters I change every six weeks, and a regular service plan.

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