Mother Nature has a Very Effective Cooling System

I am all nice plus cozy now, resting on my day bed in my office, as I reminisce about the events that took locale today by the sea.

  • I could have easily died today after getting out of the frigid sea if it were not for this yoga instructor plus his student getting myself and others to a sizzling car within a few minutes.

It was absolutely frigid out plus I could not walk properly after getting dressed, plus if those ladies weren’t there to help I definitely would have collapsed on the ground plus froze to death in the sub zero temperature outside. Thank God there was someone in an already heated car plus they put myself and others in front of the sizzling vent plus let it blow sizzling air on myself and others until I stopped shaking. I suppose I owe the yogis both a brunch out at some locale, maybe a nice steakhouse, just to thank them for helping me. I can see how amazing Mother Nature is with cooling down the air plus water in the Winter time separate from any electricity. I suppose it has its own built-in devices for making this happen each winter. Maybe nature has its own geothermal heat pump plus air conditioner plan that runs from nature itself. She doesn’t need any power from man made sources to cool plus heat the entire planet, which is pretty amazing when you suppose about it. I have l acquired that the extreme temperatures from the earth should be respected plus cautioned when dealing with it. The earth is the best cooling plus heating expert on the planet!

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