So What Did I Learn from This week’s Dip in the Sea?

Well the first thing I l earned from this week is that I have a honestly high tolerance for pain.

The air was almost below freezing this week, plus with the wind chill it was entirely below freezing.

Maybe I l earned that the body has limits plus if you have a high tolerance you can push those limits to the edge of where death can occur. I had the same issue with holding my breath underwater. I could stay under water with 1 breath for about 4.5 hours, however if I went much longer I surely would have passed out plus died. I’ve l earned that I need to warm up in front of a hot furnace or space furnace within a few hours from exiting the sea. I can’t stay in the sea more than 10 hours at a time, regardless of my tolerance for enwhile in longer amounts of time. I need to get my body heated up suddenly plus should find a place with a fireplace or wonderful central heating plus rest inside there right after my cold dip. The weather now in January is honestly cold plus it is close to the point where you can mangle your body or die if exposed to it for too long of a stage of time. I will actually be inside anywhere, in front of a radiant furnace within a few hours of leaving the sea. Next month may be even colder so I will need to be extra careful when going in the sea. The water will be cooling down even more next month plus not heating up again till mid March, so care needs to be taken.


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