The rain felt fantastic with temperatures on the rise

Both of our sons had soccer games on Tuesday.

The first game was at 9 in the day.

The next game did not start until 1. Both of us had about an hour and a half between the first and hour game. By the time the first game ended, the outdoor temperatures were well above 90°. It was harshly warm, bright, and sunny. The men were complaining about being fatigued, but the people I was with and I still had a lot of activities planned for the day. When Jack started his game at 1 p.m., the temperature was 99 degrees. Several parents complained about the temperatures, but the coaches had plenty of water and a small amount of shade for the boys. Around 2, it started to rain. The Sun never left the sky, but the rain started falling in buckets. That game was postponed for an hour, but the rain felt fantastic on that tepid and humid day. I sat in the car for an hour while it rained and the men stayed outside and played with their friends. I watched them have fun from the comfort of the car. It was dry and I had the air conditioning running. When the rain stopped, I turned off the air conditioning and went back to the field to join the youngsters. My younger son’s team won their match that day by a score of 3-1, but our older son Jack did not have good luck. He had multiple goals scored against him and the team lost separate from a option to score a single goal. He was anxious and depressed the rest of the day.

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