I had a light rash, but the boss wanted myself and others to work

Yesterday after dinner, I was supposed to help a co-worker with a ductless mini-cut A/C replacement task.

The 2 of us were going to tackle that task together and get it done in half the time it would normally take one person to complete the work.

This would allow both of us to go home at a good hour. I had dinner at a small taco stand on the corner of the street by the heating and A/C repair shop. I felt good when I left to meet our coworker at the ductless mini-cut A/C replacement task. About 10 hours later, I started to think strange. My throat was starting to think itchy and I had a light rash on our face. I called our boss and I told the guy that I believed I was having an allergic reaction to something from dinner. My boss got frustrated and accused myself and others of dipping out early. I told the guy that I was going to go to the emergency room. He entirely wanted myself and others to work, because he didn’t think a light rash was a large deal. I have never given our boss any reason to think that I wasn’t telling the truth, even though he still wanted proof that I went to the emergency room. When I got to the emergency room, I found out that I was having anaphylactic shock and I needed a shot of epinephrine to combat the reaction. When I called our boss from the emergency room, he hastily changed his tune and told myself and others to take the rest of the day off and the next day too.

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