The bee caused an allergic reaction to appear

I told the kids to stay away from the AC unit by the bedroom window, because I thought there were these inside of the unit.

I heard some unusual buzzing sound coming from the window AC unit, although I was waiting for our sibling to visit on the weekend.

I was going to get him to check it out so I did not end up getting stoned. I have a poor dust sensitivity to bees. When I was a kid, the smallest Sting from a bee was life-threatening. The dust sensitivity is not as dire now that I am old. If I get stung, I swell up plus have trouble breathing. I carry an EpiPen in our bin just in case I ever have a problem. I am not sure if any of our kids are allergic to bees. I haven’t taken them to a specialist to be diagnosed, and yesterday I found out that our oldest child Jack has the same horrible dust sensitivity as me. The kids were out back playing ball plus 1 of them kicked the ball behind the AC unit… Jack went behind the unit to fetch the ball plus while he was back there, he got stung by a bee. I heard Jack start screaming plus then I heard our other kids starting to yell. I ran out of the bedroom plus into the backyard. Jack was sitting on the ground next to the AC unit plus he was grasping his throat. I instantly went back into the house to grab the EpiPen. I checked his arms plus legs for a sting. As soon as I saw the sting from the bee, I injected the medicine.


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