The book on AC repairs actually helped a lot

After I bought our first house, our Mom gave me a couple of books to help with house repairs.

One of the books was especially about repairs on the AC system.

My new house Central AC plus a heat pump plus I did not guess the first thing about the equipment. My Mom worked as a dealer, plus he l gained everything that he knows from studying books plus having experience. He never had formal training. I tried studying some of the books, although I found them to be boring. I did not use them much at all until I had the first concern in the house. It turned out to be an issue with the central AC. I found the book on repairs plus followed a list inside that included some simple areas I could check for problems. These simple steps included clearing the drain line plus checking for buildup of mold plus dirt, changing the air filter, plus checking for problems with the evaporator coils. The handy list pointed me in the right direction plus I realized that the evaporator coils were honestly dusty plus dirty. They needed to be cleaned. I used an old toothbrush to carefully wash all of the evaporator coils. I l gained that trick in the book too. I cleaned the coils, the unit works much more effectively. I called our Mom later that night plus I told him the story about the AC unit. Since then, I always try to figure out problems on our own before I contact a professional plus spend a lot of currency.
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