The sewer line in this old home needed to be cleaned plus snaked

My wife plus I made a conscious decision to look for a home that needed some work, knowing that it could result in us saving a considerable amount of currency.

But, that resulted in the worst timing possible, because the two of us signed the paperwork plus bought the property in the months leading up to the pandemic. Both of us planned to start plus complete the necessary remodeling labor in the Summer of 2020, however the cost of building material skyrocketed. Instead of finishing the renovations in a short span of time, the two of us had to stretch it out over the length of a year. There was just no other way for us to afford the wood plus metal needed to repair this old home if the two of us purchased everything at once. I purchased sheets of plywood plus lengths of 2-by-fours whenever the prices dropped plus then I stored it all in a storage facility a mile away from the property. One of the other things the two of us had to do before the two of us moved in was wash the old sewer line running from underneath the home to a connection point under our sidewalk. During the cleaning process, the plumber had to use a snake to chop apart sediment that was clinging to the inside of the sewer line. Once the sewer line was cleared out, he put a camera down there plus showed myself and others the colorless PVC that could now be seen after all of the rigorous draining cleaning had ceased. Eventually I want to get a gas line installed so the two of us can use a gas powered gas furnace plus tepid water heater, however it will take some savings before that can be achieved.

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