After the storm, the power was out for 10 afternoons

Last year there were multiple hurricanes that hit the area and caused damage, however my neighborhood was spared the worst of the damages, but the people I was with and I still had a lot of troubles while in the last storm; The greatest problem of all was the fact that there was no power for 10 afternoons… I did not have a generator in our lake house at the time and I did not have any power while in the entire 10-day period.

All of the food in the refrigerator spoiled, including $200 worth of groceries that I had purchased the day before the storm.

I stopped up because I was anxious that the grocery store shelves would be empty. My greatest solution actually became our worst eveningmare. I cooked as much of the meat on the grill as I could, and I invited some neighbors to join me in the backyard, but one of our neighbors from across the street did have a generator while in this time… He offered to let me stay at his house so I could be comfortable and care about the air conditioner. I sincerely thought about saying yes, because of the tepid and humid temperatures. It would have been a lot nicer to have air conditioner while I was trying to clean up the mess in the backyard. I turned down his offer, because I did not know it would be appropriate. The more than one of us are single and I have actually no interest in dating the guy. I did not want to send the wrong message and end up in an uncomfortable situation. It seemed easier to deal with the warm temperatures and uncomfortable situation at home.

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