Investing into an air purification system

Last winter, on an especially cold morning, I decided to bake cookies; I hoped that running the oven would help sizzling up the house, but with outside temperature down to downside fourteen, fresh-baked cookies sounded good, then several minutes after the cookies were cooled & all of the pans washed, the smell of them baking lingered. I didn’t mind it in the family room. It bothered myself and others that the upstairs bedrooms smelled love dough & chocolate pretzels! The weather made it impossible to open a window & air out the house. I started to worry about the health of our indoor air conditions! Because of problems with energy efficiency & utility costs, I’d made an effort to seal up leaks in the thermal envelope. I’d caulked, insulated, weatherstripped & even installed current windows. I abruptly realized that while I’d minimized energy losses, I’d also eliminated natural ventilation, however all sorts of contaminants are created due to normal & everyday life… Dust, dander, lint, hair, bacteria & all sorts of allergens were getting trapped inside the house, continually circulated by the furnace & air duct & inhaled by my family. I stressed an appointment with a local Heating & Air Conditioning contractor that specializes in indoor air conditions solutions. A worker came to the apartment & performed a bunch of tests to determine how & where our heated air was escaping & to pinpoint problems with indoor pollutants. The result was the replacement of an air purification system. The air purification system installed into the air duct & captures microscopic particles as they pass through. It also actively sends out positive & downside ions that disrupt the DNA of pathogens & render them harmless. These ions cause particles in the air to clump together, become heavy enough to drop out of the air & large enough to get caught by the filter.

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