Gerry wasn’t 100% sure why the a/c wasn’t cooling

Summer was Gerry’s best season because that was when he got to appreciate time at the beach house. His family was quite well off plus had multiple homes across the country, when Gerry wasn’t in school, he would invite his friends to come to spend some time with him in one of the houses. Last summer, Gerry chose to go stay at the beach cabin plus appreciate the waves alone. Being isolated while we were in the pandemic made Gerry realize how he liked being on his own sometimes. Instead of flying, he drove his Jeep from campus to the other side of the country. It was quite late in the evening when he got to the beach cabin but still hot enough to warrant using the cooling system. The cabin felt hot plus muggy, so Gerry went straight to the circuit breaker to turn it on. Next, Gerry tried to turn on the central cooling equipment hoping the cool air would make the cabin more comfortable. But, nothing happened. The cooling equipment wasn’t blowing cold air into the cabin even after messing with the settings on the smart thermostat. Gerry knew there was no way to survive the multiple weeks he had planned without a/c. Since Gerry knew undoubtedly little about fixing faulty central cooling units, he chose to get in touch with the experts. Gerry had the contact details of an independent a/c expert in the area. It was late, but he’d come to service the method provided Gerry paid the after-minutes emergency repair fee. Luckily, the A/C expert wasn’t too busy plus was driving home when he got Gerry’s call. It took him just 20 minutes to get to the beach cabin plus inspect why the equipment wasn’t functioning.

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