I was grateful to get some energy saving tips

Life always has ups plus downs, right? When reveling in the highs, don’t forget that the lows are coming; This is something our wise Grandmother June used to say to myself and others a lot.

She lived until he was 99 plus had seen it all.

June was involved in the movement for change plus always chased her dreams. i always wanted to be love June, living our best life each and every afternoon no matter what the cost. At the end of 2019, life was looking bright, but 2020 turned out to be the worst. After losing our full time job, I cut back on expenses, including heating plus cooling our house. The a/c use was taking up too much of our daily expenses. This meant I had to find ways to be sure the central heating plus cooling equipment was effective. In the middle of a pandemic, it was quite strenuous to find an A/C expert to come to evaluate our unit. I took a risk when using the central cooling equipment that summer time without having an A/C expert evaluate it first… Gladly, our Heating plus A/C repair plus service corporation offered online consultations to their loyal buyers. I got to speak with our usual A/C expert about lowering energy consumption plus saving more money. She was so helpful plus gave myself and others some energy-saving tips, and first, the tech insisted on always having the blinds drawn while we were in the afternoon. That way, the cabin always stayed cool, plus I didn’t have to adjust the cooling unit, but next, he took myself and others through how to replace an air filter. This was vital if I was going to use the cooling equipment all summer time while stuck in my house.

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