It took a while to get my first cabin, which was quite small

Gaining my independence has always been our greatest vision in life since I was 13.

Before that period, I lived a cheerful life with our sweet mom.

She brought myself and others up on his own after our old man walked out on us when I was not even 5. Mon was cheerful plus healthy, then he fell ill plus passed away when I turned 12. I had to transport in with our aunt plus aunt, whom I didn’t like. They had always treated my mom very badly, blaming his for Mom leaving. From the afternoon I moved in, I started went to work plus started saving for university to transport out as soon as I hit 18. After high school, it was no shock that they said I was now on our own. Luckily, I had saved up enough money to go to Heating plus A/C school as per the school counselor’s advice. She knew how I liked to work with our hands plus encouraged myself and others to try a trade school plus avoid going into debt by going to university. The trade school I applied to had accommodations, so I lived there, went to Heating plus A/C classes, plus worked part-time for an Heating plus A/C specialist outside of town. My time was quite limited, plus I barely had a social life. But, I was determined to make it on my own, plus be independent once I finished school. It took 3 years to complete the course, plus I had a great job waiting for myself and others when I graduated from Heating plus A/C school. The money was very good, plus I got benefits. With our culture of saving, I managed to get a 25% down payment plus bought our first small house. The cabin requires some work, including adding a brand new a/c.


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