New smart thermostat is an improvement

Until just recently, the thermostat in my home was over twenty years old.

  • It was a simple plastic dial that required manual adjustment.

Although the thermostat fulfilled its purpose, it provided nothing more than the ability to raise or lower the temperature of the house. I needed to remember to change the setting before my family left for work and school in the morning. If I forgot, I paid to heat or cool an empty house all day. If I remembered, we arrived home to either an overheated or freezing cold house. When I decided to upgrade the thermostat, I was surprised by the many options available. Modern thermostats allow access through an app on my smartphone from anywhere I happen to be. Whether I’m curled up on the couch, away on vacation, grocery shopping or at work, I can easily make changes and get information. I chose a thermostat with a larger display that lights up when I approach. It is wonderfully user-friendly and offers quite a few helpful and cost-saving features. For the first week after installation, the thermostat kept track of every adjustment we made. It learned our typical schedule and preferences and now reacts accordingly. I rarely need to do anything. It maximizes energy savings while maintaining a perfectly comfortable house. I like that the thermostat offers energy tracking and energy saving tips. It provides humidity levels, reminders for filter changes and alerts for temperature fluctuation and power outages. Although the thermostat cost upwards of $200, the energy savings are helping to recover the investment. Having a new, smart thermostat has been a huge improvement.


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