The advertising company really helped increase our sales

I’ve been in business for the past two years, but I’ve never managed to build the company until recently.

I thought I was doing well until I hooked up with an advertising company.

I actually went on a blind date with a person that worked for an advertising company. We didn’t have a love connection, but we had a lot in common. We became friends and hung out together on the weekends frequently. I learned a lot about advertising when I was hanging out with Jack. He showed me a lot of the ropes and told me what I was doing wrong. He helped me set up a website for the heating and AC repair company. I didn’t have a website in the past, but Jack said that was the biggest and best way to earn new sales each month. We worked on a website together for several weeks and then Jack helped me put the website online. That guy handles all of the advertising and web design work for my company. I keep hoping one day that Jack and I will fall madly in love, but I think we will probably just stay friends until we both meet other people. If I can’t be in a relationship with Jack, then at least I can benefit from his amazing advertising knowledge and expertise. The guy is a master. Not only does he understand how business works, but he is excellent with computer programming, web design, and graphic arts. I often think we could do amazing things if we were a team.



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