The cafe I went to was awesome

I am not a big social butterfly, and in fact I would rather stay home any day than go outside and interact with people.

It’s not that I hate people or anything like that, I just prefer my own alone time.

Anyways, that has changed a bit, ever since I found a cafe nearby. The cafe is super cool, and also unique. The reason is because the cafe is attached to a HVAC business. Basically when you are getting work done on your HVAC machine, or buying any HVAC equipment at their store, you can just stop by their cafe while you wait, which is super nice. Although you can also visit just because you like the cafe. The employees at the cafe are super nice, and I find myself hanging out there more and more to talk to people. Not that long ago, I brought in my space heater, because it was giving me issues. The space furnace was being looked at by the A/C technicians in the back, and while I waited for them to finish on the area furnace, I went over to the cafe to just hang out and enjoy a muffin. Thankfully it didn’t take long for them to finish the area heater, but even if it did, I wouldn’t have minded. They were able to fix it with ease, and I went home happy. Having a cafe attached to their HVAC company is such a smart idea, because it draws in a lot more people and gives everyone something to do.


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