Starting a family home services business

My father and I had always had a dream of starting a family home services business and that dream was about to become a reality.

My father is a retired engineer who worked in construction while I am a heating contractor and with our combined knowledge and expertise we knew we had a chance to actualize the idea.

My father would be in charge of running the business and doing the numbers and I would be in charge of the groundwork because being a heating technician is something I am very good at. We would have a small team, to begin with, and then add more people as the business continues to grow. As a heating dealer, we would attend to all old or new heating systems that help with indoor comfort. We were also planning to offer repair and maintenance services such as a heat pump service, furnace/heater tune-up and any form of HVAC maintenance service. We would also install heating and cooling equipment such as a furnace, electric heat pump and any other system we have in the market including the dual fuel system. We were also planning to offer good prices for things such as a digital thermostat and to those in need of a furnace filter as a marketing strategy for the business. Other than this, with my father’s expertise in construction, we would also include fireplace addition and service as a way of diversifying our scope of work to become a one-stop-shop for all their HVAC needs. As soon as everything was in place we would start handing out fliers to advertise the latest business in town.