Vacation destinations that are really great to consider

My husband and I have been saving our pennies for the last two years so we could afford to take our family somewhere truly amazing for a family vacation.

We didn’t want to just go anywhere, we wanted to go someplace amazing, someplace that would be unforgettable where we could build amazing family memories that our kids can look back on one day.

Now that we have saved enough for this truly amazing vacation, it is time to decide where we are going to go! My husband suggest we hop a plane and head to an exotic tropical island where we can stay in a resort and lay out on the beach all day, do some snorkeling. That does sound truly amazing. I suggested that we head to a resort in the mountains where we can do some hiking on the trails, go to a lake to do some fishing, and who knows what else. When we looked at both locations and called both resorts we learned that the resort in the mountains didn’t offer a cooling system in their rooms! I thought that was always included in every hotel stay, but apparently not! The resort on the tropical island did however offer a cooling system in their suites and the resort assured us that they have the cooling system inspected by an HVAC technician 3 times a year! It looks like we have found our vacation destination! If a resort is going to be that diligent about the upkeep of their cooling system, then that is a resort I want to visit!


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