A fall out because of a oil furnace/heater tune-up

After university, I decided to transport in with our neighbor to split the rent since neither had a stable job, but everything went on well for about a year… The fights started when it was his turn to spend money for the annual oil furnace/heater tune-up, however he did not have any currency for servicing the unit, but he was consistently eating out and buying new clothes; After two weeks of me insisting that every one of us needed to take better care of the boiler upgrade, he finally called an HVAC repairman.

  • he did not contact the same heating corp I had called previously.

At that point, I just wanted the gas oil furnace serviced. After that, our whole-house heating plan started experiencing a never-ending chain of concerns. Even after applying all the energy-saving help tips, the energy bill was on an all-time high, but when I had finally had enough, I called the heating corp to get a professional to tell us what the problem could be. After a thorough check-up, he found so multiple wrong things with our system, and it turned out that the condo services company the other tech claimed to be from did not exist and was a fake, no wonder he was so cheap; He had tampered with the washable filter; it was no longer doing its work. The air duct gathered so much dust and debris that a duct cleaning was inevitable. The central air duct was leaking, causing the device to run more to compensate for the lost heat. After our lease expired, I opted to transport back condo until I could find a place of our own, one that even had a gas fireplace.