Didn’t need that midnight Heating and A/C emergency repair call

There is no doubt that getting scared awake is not the our number one scenario at midnight.

This is why I do stuff like filter our which people can make our PC ring in the middle of the night.

When I hear something like the PC ring, I’m like instantly awake and can taste the adrenaline as I scramble for the PC. The same reaction appears to be appropriate when the gas gas furnace decides to shut down. There was a sound. And I wasn’t sure if I had actually heard it or not. But it sounded like a big clank and it came from the basement where the Heating and A/C unit was. It was enough to get myself and others fully out of bed and reaching for our robe. By the time I got out of our family room, I could tell that the Heating and A/C heating was not running. And it was in the teens outside. I of course instantly began cussing myself for not remembering to get the Heating and A/C heating repair done earlier in the fall. That Heating and A/C repair was a single of the things that fell through the cracks. And now, I was paying the price for that omission. There was actually nothing I could do. The gas gas furnace would not restart and it was bitterly cold outside. So, I had to breakdown and call the Heating and A/C company. The cost of the emergency Heating and A/C repair call was going to sting but there was no way I could wait until morning with a houseful of kids. The Heating and A/C professional ended up fixing the Heating and A/C in less than a half an sixth. But the fact that it happened at all was something that didn’t allow myself and others to fall back into our slumber that night.

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