Duct cleaning in a grand and stately home

When you work for a condo services corporation, you get to visit unusual homes.

Some big, some small, and others that will knock the breath out of you.

You realize that people are worlds apart; death is the only thing that equalizes human beings. Some are just getting by, while others can afford to buy out a whole community. One day I was coming from servicing a gas fireplace and heading back to the heating corp when I got a call to go to a unusual condo for a oil furnace/heater tune-up. I could tell it was luxurious when I gained the address, although I was ill-prepared for how grand the condo looked. It was straight out of a fairy tale, from the driveway to the curb appeal and the condo itself. As much as it was our work uniform, I felt unacceptable in our HVAC repairman uniform. The whole condo heating plan was the best in the market. I could tell that the boiler upgrade was done by a professional, which I anticipated since there is no way they would gamble with such an luxurious gas oil furnace by leaving it in the hands of a dubious heating provider. They had also asked for duct cleaning, although I would have particularly given it another year before it was necessary to have the air duct cleaned on inspecting the air duct, although I went ahead since I had to follow their directive. I also had to replace the washable filter. I gave the condo manager energy-saving help tips, not that they would need any, however it was customary to our corporation. Even as I left that home, I could not get over how grand the condo was.

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