A gas furnace disaster made my sister moveout of her house

My sister and her three-month-old baby would move in with me until we replaced their whole-home heating system.

In the middle of winter, their gas furnace had broken down.

They had contacted a heating provider, but the HVAC repairman who inspected it told them they needed a new boiler installation. The old one was beyond repair. They had to depend on the gas fireplace to heat the sitting be area. When she called me and told me what she was going through, I offered to host her in my house until we had raised enough money for a new system. I contacted the local heating corp for a furnace/heater tune-up to ensure that something similar did not happen to mine. I also asked the technician to carry out duct cleaning. The cleaning was going to improve the indoor air quality for the baby’s sake. The ductwork had no issues that I was aware of, but it would be wise to call the heating provider to inspect it as a preventive measure. The second day after they had moved in, the home services van was outside our home. The technician checked the HVAC duct, maintained it, and washed the washable filter. I got so used to having them around that I did not want them to return to their home three months later. I was back to having a quiet house. That period of bonding made me realize how much my sister and I had drifted apart. After she moved out, I made a point to see her as often as possible. We promised to free our schedule twice every month to hang out together.

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