Doesn’t take all that much to extend the life of the HVAC unit

I remember when we had our current HVAC equipment installed.

  • It’s been a dozen years ago or more.

But I can remember it all very clearly. That’s because we had just purchased this house and it was our first home. My wife and I had been married about 5 years at that point. We knew that a family was in the plans so we bought a house that would accommodate that plan. The seller of the house just outright refused to replace the clearly outdated HVAC unit that was here. So we ended up negotiating down the price rather significantly over that heating and cooling equipment. In turn, this allowed us to get really the latest in residential HVAC at the time. We had the money so we decided to get the best quality heating and air that we could get. And I remember the HVAC contractor telling us that we needed to be sure to register the HVAC equipment with the factory first. And then, he told us that we needed to make sure that the new HVAC equipment got consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance every year. This would greatly increase the efficiency, operation and longevity of the HVAC unit. He told us not to wait because the HVAC unit was new but to get going with HVAC maintenance that very year. And we followed his advice. We’ve gotten heating maintenance in the fall and an air conditioning tune-up each spring. I figure that our HVAC equipment will last for a very, very long time.
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