Duct cleaning after five years

My daughter was so excited about hosting her first slumber party. I was also secretly happy to see my baby transform into a girl. She even laid out two extra pajama sets just in case they forgot to carry their own. I had contacted the heating corp initially for duct cleaning. Still, when I remembered about the slumber party, I included a furnace/heater tune-up to avoid any mishaps on my girl’s slumber party. It occurred to me that I had forgotten entirely about the ductwork. It is one of those things that you do not give a second thought to until someone else mentions them. My husband had talked about sealing a leak in the HVAC duct with duct tape, and then it dawned on me that the last time it was cleaned by a professional was when my second born was born five years ago. As for the boiler installation maintenance, it is done annually without fail. When installed, the HVAC repairman told me that care is one of the vital energy-saving help tips, and true to his words, the gas furnace runs smoothly and optimally, therefore, uses less energy. The home services tech going to service the whole home heating system was also going to clean the washable filter. The heating provider also checked the gas fireplace, which we had not used in a while. I wanted to be sure it was in good condition because the girls wanted to roast smores and act as a campfire. That evening after they had smores, they headed to the bedroom. I could hear them giggling even long after I had switched off their lights.

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