Make space in your budget for HVAC maintenance

I know that doing stuff like changing the oil in the car or maintaining the HVAC equipment isn’t a sexy way to spend money.

And for many of us, it has nothing to do with how sexy it is at all.

The fact is that my family is still in recovery mode from the recent economic trouble. The pandemic caused me to do more than leave the zone controlled HVAC comfort of the office I worked in. Sure, I spent more than a year working from home in my own air conditioning. And I was thankful to still have a job as well. However, both my wife and I had to take serious pay cuts in order to work from home in the safety of our own air conditioning. We lost more than 30 percent of our income over like 18 months. While we appreciated the help from the stimulus, it really didn’t do much but make the hole a little less deep. There were plenty of cuts made to our household budget during this time. And we almost lopped off the HVAC service plan we’ve belonged to for a decade. The HVAC service plan is great. We get HVAC maintenance on our HVAC equipment twice a year as part of the plan. And if there is ever an HVAC repair issue while we are part of the HVAC service plan, we only pay for the parts. The HVAC company picks up the HVAC service fees. I’m really glad we kept that as part of our essential spending. HVAC equipment is just too essential and too valuable to do anything else really.
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