Surprised by HVAC in temporary living situation

The HVAC equipment was relatively new and was of really good quality

So there were several things that I was sort of dreading when my wife and I finally decided to sell the house. The idea of going through an adult lifetime worth of stuff was high on the list of the stuff I didn’t want to do. But with that came the fact that we’d be living in an apartment for a year after we sold the house. I was not looking forward to apartment living. The memories of neighbors sharing walls, inadequate heating and cooling and cramped spaces didn’t help either. But first, we had a lot to do before we got to living in the apartment. I coordinated the HVAC equipment upgrade with the HVAC company. They were great to work with. The realtor suggested that we go with some of the latest in HVAC technology to entice prospective buyers. So the HVAC professionals were able to help me get the latest in residential HVAC without spending too much money. My wife took care of the kitchen upgrades and we did the rest together. All the packing and sorting was indeed as bad as I thought it would be. It’s tough going from a large home to a two bedroom apartment. It was all we could do to get out of the house by the deadline. However, I will say that the apartment we ended up choosing was way better than what we had envisioned. For one thing, the place had really good quality heating and cooling. The HVAC equipment was relatively new and was of really good quality. So that was definitely a blessing.

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