The gas fireplace saves a dinner party

Everything was ready; the food was steaming hot, and the mocktails ready.

The birthday cake was chilling in the fridge. It was my husband’s surprise birthday dinner. Some of our friends had already arrived, we were waiting for one couple and my husband. By the time we finished with dinner, it had started getting cold. When I checked the temperature reading on the digital thermostat, it dropped by the minute. It was also showing that the gas furnace was off. Any attempts to restart the boiler installation failed. Since everyone was in the living room having cake and drinks, I switched on the gas fireplace. It warmed the living room, but the rest of the house was cold. The heating system almost ruined the dinner party. We had to make do with extra blankets that night. The following morning I called the heating corps, and they told me they would have sent a technician to our home by noon. By ten o’clock, a home services company van packed outside our house. The HVAC repairman carried out a thorough inspection of our whole home heating system. He did a furnace/heater tune-up, followed it with duct cleaning, and washed the washable filter. It had been so long since the ductwork was cared for; the good thing was that the HVAC duct did not have any problem. We also reviewed the energy-saving help tips that the previous heating provider had given to see what worked for us and what was no longer practical. We worked out a plan and care routine that would help prolong the lifespan of our HVAC system. With that, we knew it would be a while before the unit needed repairs.