A new thermostat can be very confusing

I have to tell you how much I appreciate the rain. Where I live has the most charming rain. The reason I say this is because when it rains the air quality is really perfect! There is nothing love a good bout of pouring rain and resting by the window with it cracked open. I even run our central heating sporadically with the window open and the fantastic air quality from the rain coming in. Occasionally there is even thunder and lightning. But it is not the dangerous kind as it is actually light. Then after the storms are done the air quality and breeze is even more amazing. There is no need for a whole house air purification idea where I live thanks to the nice rain that all of us get which clears the air quality and makes it all so appealing. Words can not describe how fantastic the air quality is during and after a easily good rain storm here in our area. I must say though, that in the summertime when it rains even though the air quality is great, the heat is not. It gets rather muggy so I regularly have to run the central a/c if I am enjoying the rain by the window in the Summer time months of the year. But never the less I love all rain. It does not matter what time of year it is. My central heating and a/c idea will regularly help adjust the temperature so I have the most perfect indoor weather conditions control while I love the air quality and the rain as it pours.

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