This was a real hassle and I am now sick of it

Back when I had a window proposal back in the day, I recall it being a real hassle right at the end of summer time when fall was coming around.

You would get all kinds of tree debris and leaves blowing onto the area of the window unit that sat outside the window.

Cleaning it off was really difficult to do, but especially if it was on a 2nd floor room. In these cases I had to always make the home office filthy and bring all that tree debris in when I was taking out the window unit to put it away for the winter. I would have to vacuum up all the junk off my home office floor and then sanitize it as well. It was more or less having to do a deep clean of the home office after all of this. I am so glad these afternoons are long gone and today everyone has central heating and cooling systems. I do not miss the afternoons of window s one bit! Having central there is no uninstalling it every single year. It is there all the time and also works as your heater. Though central heating and cooling systems are much more lavish in energy to run than window units or even gas oil furnaces, I still like central heating and cooling over the way things used to be. Especially when it comes to window cooling systems. I am truthfully not a fan of window s for the exact reason I explained above with the tree debris!
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