A refreshing breeze is not the same as air conditioning

One thing I love is driving around my local area in the mid afternoon with the windows down in the fall.

  • The breeze is so refreshing and the air quality is so fabulous! You almost feel like you are either in mountain fresh air or in a home that has a whole house air purification system.

Whole home air purification systems give off this type of fresh air quality. And we are lucky enough here in my area to get this kind of air quality in the fall. The drive with the refreshing breeze is nothing one can describe in words. I will just say that its best to be with someone when doing this so you can both take turns driving. Because it is even better to experience the air quality and breeze when you do not have to concentrate on the road. You could end up falling asleep for a few minutes too. That is how relaxing the great air quality and breeze is. This time of year I do not even have to turn on my whole home air purification system while at home also. I can just open up the windows and get the same great breeze and air quality like you get while driving. This also saves a little money because it costs a bit extra to run the whole home air purification system through your central heating and air conditioning system. I do not take it for granted that I live in an area with such great air quality in the fall months of the year!

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