I can do it myself when it's just the refrigerant

I am called a jack of all trades by many.

I can do a lot of different things.

One of which is sometimes I can actually repair my own central heating and air conditioning system depending on what goes wrong with it. I am no certified heat and a/c specialist and I know by messing with my central heating and cooling system not being certified I possibly could break it totally. However I am not worried about that at all because if I can not fix something or do not know what is wrong, I will call the local heating and air conditioning company and have them send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to repair the central HVAC system regardless. But when it is something small like a fuse being blown or the air compressor going out, these things I know how to fix! I will just buy an air compressor from a local heat and a/c supplier and swap it out myself. This saves me a few hundred dollars. The same with a blown fuse in the central heating and air conditioning system. But when it comes to something like a motor being dead or other heat and a/c system issues, that is when I will call the heating and cooling company without even thinking twice about it. I may be self strong so to speak and am ready to take on any task, but I am not stupid either. I know when a true HVAC professional is required to repair the central heating and air conditioning system unit!


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