I was going hunting with my dad.

When I turned 12, my dad told me I was old enough to go hunting with him now.

I was so happy to be going to the local sporting center and have Dad help me pick out everything I needed to go deer hunting. I had the bright orange vests to go over my snow skiing coveralls. When he bought the rope with a handle on it, he told me that I would drag my own deer out of the woods if I shot one. I had a complete deer dragging kit before he even knew what was happening, and then we were ready to go over and get the rest of my hunting supplies. I never realized just how many hunting supplies a person would need to go hunting. There were hand warmers, special socks, special gloves that had spare gloves inside without fingers at paramedics to cover that. Of all the things my dad bought, there was only one thing I wished he had forgotten, and that was the deer dragging kit. Having a deer dragging kit sitting on the counter in front of me reminded me I would have to kill something if I was going to use it. All I thought I was going to do was make snow angels and nap while he was hunting. I think he was thinking I was all tomboy, but I was thinking I was more girl than he realized. I just wanted to spend time out in the woods with my dad, and not worry about hunting supplies and deer dragging kits.



Portable deer hoist